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William Johnson


It is my pleasure to recommend Vintage Management Consultants to your Homeowner's Association. As Board President for Creekside Village East Master Homeowners Association, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Vintage Management's President Mr. John Bauer.

Mr. Bauer’s knowledge and expertise on all matters pertaining to our Complex have made a major contribution to the extremely healthy financial condition that presently exists in our community. This is a goal all Associations strive for. We appreciated Vintage’s advice and continuing support.

In addition Vintage’s suggestions on maintenance services for the pools and common areas have resulted in an attractive, desirable community environment. Residents and Homeowners have expressed their pleasure at the overall appearance of the Complex. Resales, when they do occur, are quickly turned over.

Vintage’s staff makes regular walkthroughs, and their Management Reports to the Board are on a timely basis. Phone calls are promptly returned, and his pleasant, willing manner makes Vintage a pleasure to work with.


Board President

Creekside Village East

Master Homeowner Association

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